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Member: Honeywell Design

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Coldwell Banker - Christine Bowman - Christine Bowman
My girl, Christine and I love getting together and chatting about our marketing! Sounds fun, right?! It is! Christine's so helpful and she really cares about helping people. I'm sure she could help anyone pinpoint their next move within their business.

Current Office Solutions - Hillsdale Store
Friendly and caring staff! Love my COS peeps! Place orders online and get them delivered or go and pick them up pretty much the next day or shortly after! You can't beat that. Don't drive to Jackson or anywhere else - keep it local my friends. They have tons of options and they do so many other things than just office supplies. LOVE 'EM!

Hillsdale Health & Wellness - Nicole Yarid
LOVE their long hours. Clean facility, right downtown, very nice staff and doctors. Competitive walk-in office visits. Thankful for them (I've got little ones)!

Smith's Flowers Town & County - Jane Stewart
Anytime my husband decides he wants to get me a plant or flowers he knows to go see Jane and Smith's Flowers! MY ladies right there! Beautiful arrangements - you can't beat their customer service either!

Stockhouse Corporation - Dave Holliday
Customer service is #1 with Stockhouse! Locally owned and operated for over 30 years, Dave and Jamie really know how to take care of you! They've always stayed up on new products, too! You can't go wrong with Stockhouse.